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What To Expect

At DRC we strive to bring the best in quality services for both Mediation and Restorative Services. When you call on us, we are here to help! We offer affordable prices for individuals, corporations, and organizations seeking Mediation and Restorative Services. Inquire within for the most current and updated fees.


Community Mediation for Civil & Family Disputes

  1. Our Mediation Coordinator will speak with you to get your contact information regarding your issue/concern.

  2. If we can help with your issue/concern and you would like to move forward with mediation, all parties must complete a Mediation Intake form with necessary information as well as the contacts for the parties involved.

  3. Our DRC Mediator Coordinator will make contact with the other party to see if they are interested in mediation.

  4. If both parties agree to mediate, DRC will assign a MN Rule 114 qualified mediator to work with you. DRC will assist with paperwork and the scheduling of a mediation session.

  5. Once a session has been scheduled (whether virtually or in person), all parties will meet with a DRC mediator for up to 3 hours to come to a resolution of the dispute and sign an agreement.

  6. Both parties will receive a copy of the signed agreement. DRC will keep a copy of the agreement on file.

  7. In the event both parties fail to come to an agreement, the parties can decide the following:

  • Schedule a new session (fees will be applied)

  • Find a new way to resolve the issue (Court, Self-Negotiation, Restorative Circle)

For information about Referral Services click HERE 

Restorative Services

Your first consultation is free. Please inquire within for our most current and updated fees. Below is what to expect for a Restorative circle:

  1. DRC's Executive Director will meet with you to discuss the issue or concern.

  2. If you would like to proceed, an agreement outlining the process and fees will be discussed and signed.

  3. Upon identifying who needs to participate in the circle, 15 to 30-minute Restorative chats will be scheduled individually with all parties involved.

  4. Once all parties have met to share their truth of what took place, a larger circle with all parties involved will be scheduled to meet. *Please note that multiple circles can be scheduled depending on the situation, and those involved.

  5. All circles can last anywhere between 60 to 120 minutes. In the event a circle needs more time, a continuing circle may be scheduled.

  6. Upon successful circle completion, a summary of the circle process will be given to all parties detailing next steps to heal forward.

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