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DRC community volunteers hold restorative conversations between individuals who have committed misdemeanor or low/high-level felony offenses and those impacted by the crime to discuss the incident and determine restitution.

Individuals participate in “community circles of support”, creating alternative sentencing options and a restorative justice process that strengthens accountability and opens a line of communication between the offender and those harmed.  


Individuals who complete the program are able to keep a conviction off their record, avoid fines, and minimize contact with the justice system. Completing the process can lead to a reduction of barriers that could prevent behavior change and future success.

If you are interested in being a Community Member for Diversion please complete and submit a volunteer intake form HERE. If interested in learning more please email Diversion- restorative@drc-mn.org or Juvenile - drcyouth@drc-mn.org.


Adult & Youth
Diversion Programs


DRC community volunteers also provide affordable and pro bono mediation services to the community and conduct mediations for several Ramsey County courts. DRC volunteer mediators do not provide legal advice or case evaluations. Services cover the areas of civil and family law.

Civil law disputes | include housing, harassment, conciliation, contract, neighbor, and other general civil matters.

Family law disputes | include asset/debt division, parenting time, custody, paternity, grandparent or third-party visitation and other general family matters.

Interested in being a volunteer mediator? Please complete and submit the volunteer intake HERE. Are you need in of Community Mediation Services? Email mediation@drc-mn.org for more info!



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This year in 2022, DRC will offer weekly healing circles open to the community on a first-come, first-serve basis. Support groups are FREE and open to the public! Community Healing Circles of Support will cover topics such as anger management support, communication and conflict management, health and wellness, etc. Each circle will enroll up to 10 participants and will meet for two hours each session using the restorative circle model.

Interested in attending circles?  Email roslyn@drc-mn.org for more info!

Community Healing
circles of support

Community healing circles of support


Due to the racial and civil unrest of George Floyd as well as other prolific racial crimes, Minnesota has become the birthplace of a revolution sparking the need to have courageous conversation about the traumas that we have experienced as a community. DRC offers tools and interventions that allow community to safely navigate difficult dialogue regarding injustices and the damaging aftermath created by these challenging situations.


* Check out our upcoming training on our Events page

Interested in learning more?

Email roslyn@drc-mn.org for more info!

Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice


DRC advocates for highly skilled and proficient educators to be trained in restorative practices to continually repair harm in response to various behaviors and conflicts that impede students, teachers, and daily classroom performance, and relationships. Restorative work in educational systems or settings is focused on learning and implementing the restorative circle process and improving school climate. As we move into 2022, more schools request the need for restorative practices training for their staff and students. Inquire today on how your school/organization can become certified in restorative practices!


To schedule a restorative training or workshop, email roslyn@drc-mn.org for more info!

Restorative practices

Restorative Practices


DRC’s goal is to brainstorm new, creative ideas for youth by engaging them with safe and innovative programming. 

Weekly Circles of Support for Youth 14-17, 18+ |

FLO/DMX are weekly circles for young women and males that will meet once a week for 6-12 weeks, having conversation around: connection, wellness, emotions, family struggles, “adulting”, and what else is on our hearts! Food will be provided and times will be decided once full groups are confirmed to assure everyone agrees with the meeting time. At the end of the 12 weeks, there will be an investment in each participant of $250 for their time and commitment to self and others. PLEASE share this with young people within your networks.

Youth Advisory Board |

The purpose of the Youth Advisory Board (YAB) is to ensure DRC is aligned with what youth envision, and that DRC remains relevant to the wants and needs of young people within our community and organization. We are looking for young leaders who are creative, open to new ideas, independent, and looking to grow!  CLICK HERE TO APPLY 

The LAIR Radio | Every 2nd and 4th Saturday at 5pm, DRC partners with WFNU Frogtown Community Radio 94.1 FM as a proactive strategy to deter problematic behavior through conversation, highlighting youth voice while bringing the values of restorative to the foreground of youth’s interactions. Youth will have the opportunity to share with others - dialing in to share their experiences, questions, artistic expressions, and all that is in their hearts to share.

Click here to listen now!

Interested in Radio and want to participate? Email drcyouth@drc-mn.org for more info!

Youth programming

Youth Programming



Multilingual &
Multicultural Services

DRC is dedicated to making sure that its services are easily accessible to Minnesotans of all backgrounds, including those who do not speak English as their first language.

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